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Scope of Services

Our mission is to implement dynamic, socially responsible, customized strategies maximizing asset value for our clients.


Shagun Life Spaces Pvt. Ltd. offers true real estate operator consultation to organizations controlling under-performing or distressed commercial real estate. Delivered by an experienced team of real estate asset and property managers, project managers, financial analysts, accounting and reporting staff, construction and development professionals, leasing and sale brokers, these services help clients think more strategically about their properties by providing them with multiple ways to unlock value in their assets while minimizing financial risk.



Real Estate Operations

Offering the most comprehensive, third-party platform in the Utter Pradesh and Delhi NCR, our services enable clients to fully appreciate Shagun Life Spaces Pvt. Ltd.’s role in acting as a surrogate owner. Providing a full range of one-stop real estate services scaled to each client’s needs, our team consists of asset and property managers, project managers, financial analysts, market researchers, construction and development service providers, property accounting and reporting staff, and agency leasing and brokerage sales professionals. Working together as one cohesive platform, they assist in creating value from clients’ underperforming or distressed commercial real estate while limiting their operational and financial concerns.

Asset Business Plan

The Asset Business Plan serves as a valuable roadmap guiding clients to make the best decisions leading up to a disposition. Developed by Shagun Life Spaces Pvt. Ltd. as a comprehensive tool to be used for comparing multiple strategies to recover value, it is supported by discount cash flow analysis, econometric forecasting, risk/rationales assessment, property profiles and market sale/lease comparables. Assisting clients in thinking strategically about their underperforming assets, this plan allows them to choose the specific strategy that maximizes recovery while minimizing risk exposure for complex assets requiring more than a standard Broker Opinion of Value (BOV).


Brokerage Services

Experienced in providing brokerage services since 1996, Shagun Life Spaces Pvt. Ltd. offers agency leasing or brokerage sales supported by brokerage professionals who can develop a comprehensive marketing plan supported by market research and local product knowledge. Designed to achieve a client’s Asset Business Plan objectives, this plan can include property repositioning strategies, cold-calling and disseminating project marketing materials, evaluating market conditions and sourcing prospective tenants for a project or sale disposition.

Asset Management Portal

Shagun Life Spaces Pvt. Ltd. leverages the latest and most secure technology in commercial real estate to create a marketing website for clients as well as an asset management portal where secure access to confidential property reports is available 24/7.


Environmental Evaluation

With a team of professionals who’ve worked with environmental regulators, insurance providers and consultants on everything from minor, localized hazardous spills to severely contaminated properties, Shagun Life Spaces Pvt. Ltd. has the brownfield experience needed to evaluate almost any environmental issue.


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